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Posted by distressteen on 2012.04.01 at 14:51
u guys should keep ur own opinions to yourself.__.

honestly by doing this ur getting no whr-.-

ur just gonna anger fans more

and besides, Visual Kei is a style! 

do ur research before posting this up faggots-.-

Posted by dasbob on 2011.09.11 at 04:13
When I was younger, I started listening to some VK-Bands... everything, that cames into my hands.
Well, somehow I realized, that all songs of Gazette sound the same. And everything looks the same. Between most of the Indie-Bands there is no difference in sound. They're not... individual, as they should, when they talk about Visual Kei.
Then, the other point that pisses me of are the fans here in Germany. "XYZ from ABC is so kawaiiiii ~" ... and every week another one. And: German fans like Indie-Bands, no one knows in Japan. Really no one. Seems like they search for bands no one knows, watsh their videos on youtube or download (illegal) the only single/album and tell on the next meeting everyone, how great/fantastic/kawaiiii!!!1!!1111! they are.

Well, I hate the whole Visual Kei-Thing. 
Yes, I'm still listening to Luna Sea and X Japan, but... who cares about Gazette? Or all the other bands, whose names I don't remember.

Posted by victoria_swe on 2011.06.27 at 22:58
Versailles, X Japan and MUCC are good. 90% of them sounds the same, and being a drag is not cool.

Seriously if you think about it, they are just making money because of their clothes and make-up. That's why their fanbase is based on girls between 12-18 years that loves japan, manga and anime.
Music is not about looking good.....or wait, 90% of them looks like shit.
I don't want to say that all Visual-kei bands are really bad, but at least a lot of them.

Extreme metal > Visual Kei

Posted by 00patty on 2007.08.22 at 18:57

I'm used to be a Japanophile, and all I would listen to was Jpop/rock and visual kei. Now I live in Japan and hate that crap. I mainly listen to western heavy metal now, especially thrash and death metal. 

tablo → show your manners
Posted by spaceworrier on 2007.05.02 at 06:01
Oh, awesome! A group for the hating on visual kei!

I don't think I could begin to fathom how much I hate the majority of visual kei in one entry post, and that's not even including my even bigger hate for the fandom. They all sound the same, they all sound like they're giving birth, they all sound like they're thrashing around like ugly, wounded animals and most of the time they have absolutely no fashion sense. Mascara smeared all over your face like a 3 year old = not cool.

I was actually into Visual Kei for a short time, but mainly because that was before I discovered awesome groups like Rize, Remioromen, Road of Major and Bump of Chicken. It's so humorous when fangirls don't like them because they don't splash on the makeup or butthump each other. Like they need to butthump each other to prove they've got a bigger and better fanbase than most failures for VK groups. HAHAHA.

Anyway, I'll be sure to spread this community around (I myself also own an anti-visual kei community on last.fm). It's good to see there are communities that share this sentiment :3 And hello to everyone!


Oh man... <3

Posted by neverphree on 2007.02.15 at 13:01
Yeah, even though this place is practically dead, I still love it. 8D I admit to once being a mindless fangirl. <-- embarrassing.
And then it hit me.

Visual Kei sucks ASS. It's very repetitive, and they all look and sound the same.

And I -HATE- fangirls. Especially the ones that are like, "Oh, they're not pretty enough. I don't think I like [insert non-VK band here]."

The last time I checked, Visual Kei didn't have balls. I doubt it does now.

puffer fish

To keep this community alive...

Posted by pufferfish on 2005.10.01 at 18:10
Current Music: Polysics - For Young Electric Pop
Please advertise and...

Who else hates it when people who claim to be really into Japanese rock only think that Dir En Grey and Gackt are the greatest musicians ever?

Luminous Orange


Posted by thejedipunk on 2005.09.05 at 03:36
916 is coming up. 16th anniversery of the pillows. so, to celebrate, we are doing a chat room. It's going to be on AIM. the name is "pillowssweet16"


supposedly, that "link" will get you in the room. if not, then IM either me or Kimi to get in.


it'll be up the night before the 16th and until the morning of 17th, so time zones shouldn't matter all that much. and yes, the panda is coming. But not Mana. lol malice mizer faggotry D:

Ok intro? All right, here we go!

Posted by kissmehyde on 2005.08.30 at 20:16
Current Mood: aggravatedStupid Visual Kei
Current Music: She, Her- Noodles
OK clear be my truth, heres my story, long ago there was a boy of about 14 years of age trying to find his way in music. He stumbled across a little band called Dir en Grey, then it came to Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois etc. He was happy, he thought he found good music.

After awile of looking around at fans and such he became just as obsessed as any fan girl would be. Later he was realizing how ignorant and repetitive these fans were, and along with over listening and ignorance he began to turn.

Soon he came across a band everyone knows by now (3 guesses who). After studying and listening he started realizing what good music was, "life is beautiful" thats what he realized, not this cold sick crap, that is slowly corrupting the worlds music life these days.

Conclusion: I hate visual kei concepts and how annoying it makes fans...

puffer fish
Posted by pufferfish on 2005.08.29 at 21:18
Current Music: the Emeralds - Love Fire
Hello, I made this community and all that jazz.

Uh, I used to like visual kei, then I realized how much it sucked because all my friends were like OMGSOHOT. It was embarassing.

Yeah... so... now, because I run Makenshi Radio, a lot of people ask for visual kei and little obscure visual indie bands that NOBODY listens to. Did you know, in Japan, visual kei is not that popular like the fangirls think it is. The fashion is, but the bands... well, I asked some girls from Japan if they've ever heard of some of these bands, and they haven't. Most people would listen to Mr. Children or something like that. But yeah, it bothers me when people ask me to fetch these bands for them.

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