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puffer fish

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Posted by pufferfish on 2005.10.01 at 18:10
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Who else hates it when people who claim to be really into Japanese rock only think that Dir En Grey and Gackt are the greatest musicians ever?


jimhawking81 at 2005-10-01 23:11 (UTC) (Link)
thejedipunk at 2005-10-02 06:38 (UTC) (Link)
i know of one such girl on myspace, who is actually an old friend of my brother's. she is into the pillows as well, but she like Mana and his non-existant vagina.
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suisaiga at 2005-10-22 20:17 (UTC) (Link)
I hate it too >.< >.< >.< >.
_aoi at 2005-12-26 02:55 (UTC) (Link)

Ayye. o_O

This is from a person who is into JRock (VK) for the music -

I love Visual Kei, and the many other genres of Japanese Rock. I dislike, really, dislike fans who are into them just for the fashion. But VK really do have good bands.

Like Gazette, Dir en Grey (they are no longer VK, but they were really good in the VK days), Alice Nine, Phantasmagoria, 12012, and so on.

It's not that popular in Japan, because Japanese people would love to hear different music, like the American rock, pop and etc.

Dir en Grey and Gackt aren't really, the greatest musicians they are just really talented and popular. To state that Japan is only recognised for Dir en Grey and Gackt is really an understatement.

The so-called, "die hard" Visual Kei fans, are really annoying. People have dropped Dir en Grey, just because they aren't Visual anymore. That's really digusting and such a piss-off.

takashimio at 2006-07-07 02:17 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Ayye. o_O

I agree with u.I like VK bands too.It's not good to think bad about people preferences.Gackt or Dir en Grey aren't the best though....We just like them because their songs aren't bad and nice...
(Anonymous) at 2006-07-16 00:49 (UTC) (Link)


It makes me mad when fangirls keep listening to only Gackt and Dir en Grey just to be jrock or *visual kei* it's not like that! If you never heard Ayabie or Luvie you're just not a visual kei fan!! I like the music and the clothes, it's not a crime. FANGIRLS ARE EVERYWHERE!! not just vis kei, don't get me wrong, they're also j-punk fangirls as well or posers, you just don't know it!! I hate it when they give out marriage purposes and saying he's so cuuuuuuuuute etc. they might have lovers already or even they are married!! YOU JUST DON'T KNOW IT!!
takashimio at 2006-07-23 10:00 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Hmm

hey calm down ^__^
madkazumi at 2006-10-28 08:08 (UTC) (Link)
I love j-rock and I love visual & oshare kei!
Oh sorry, you don't know what is it oshare, right? =_________=
I hate that's people... ==' You don't know - don't say >_>
pufferfish at 2006-10-28 19:58 (UTC) (Link)
I know what Oshare kei is. It's the "fluffy" side of visual, where they dress all cute and colorful with candy.
(Anonymous) at 2010-03-13 12:29 (UTC) (Link)

dir en grey

VK is gay as aids but Dir en grey is fuckin awesome sorry guys they arent VK anymore. watch any of the 2006+ live videos by diru and you'll see some good shit
(Anonymous) at 2010-03-22 16:54 (UTC) (Link)
i like gackt but i dont think he is the best.
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lemongrassmango at 2011-09-02 22:11 (UTC) (Link)
Dir en grey sold out the Nippon Budokan for two nights- 15,000 people per night- in fifteen minutes.

Of course, Japanese people hate them. The same person bought all 30,000 tickets.
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