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Posted by dasbob on 2011.09.11 at 04:13
When I was younger, I started listening to some VK-Bands... everything, that cames into my hands.
Well, somehow I realized, that all songs of Gazette sound the same. And everything looks the same. Between most of the Indie-Bands there is no difference in sound. They're not... individual, as they should, when they talk about Visual Kei.
Then, the other point that pisses me of are the fans here in Germany. "XYZ from ABC is so kawaiiiii ~" ... and every week another one. And: German fans like Indie-Bands, no one knows in Japan. Really no one. Seems like they search for bands no one knows, watsh their videos on youtube or download (illegal) the only single/album and tell on the next meeting everyone, how great/fantastic/kawaiiii!!!1!!1111! they are.

Well, I hate the whole Visual Kei-Thing. 
Yes, I'm still listening to Luna Sea and X Japan, but... who cares about Gazette? Or all the other bands, whose names I don't remember.


alzheimer13 at 2013-10-02 21:58 (UTC) (Link)
I love Gazette. All other bands, whose names, I dont remember. Atleast, I don't think my fav-band is the best, they sucks if compare them with J-metal bands, or western bands, other major bands..ect... . If you listen to Luna sea or Xjapan... and hate visual kei things, is it more like you love the father/mother but wanna kill their children? Like :"Hey Xjapan, your music is great, but what the hell are you wearing, why you do that, you looks silly"... sth like that.

Ah.. DELUHI is not bad.
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